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Who We Are

Gadol Finance Company Limited (GFCL) is focused on providing financial solutions for individuals and businesses through increased access to funding, provision of requisite expertise for portfolio management and creating a profitable haven for investors amongst other services.

As a growing yet reputable financial service provider, we are dedicated to simplifying the cumbersome process associated with accessing loan facilities occasioned by innumerable environmental risk factors. To this end, we have perfected a trajectory which portrays a divergence from the popular ‘one-size-fit-all’ financial packages to a customer-tailored approach. We are however positioned towards achieving same following the deployment of cutting edge technologies with an assemblage of highly skilled/experienced personnel whose penchant for industry analysis and projections is unparalleled.

Our forte lies in the fact that we reconcile the different needs of all our clients by transforming low-risk and highly liquid investment into loans which are profitable to all stakeholders.

How We Began &

Where We Are Headed

In 2016, we began our expedition in the financial industry as a Cooperative Society. The society offered quality traditional financial services with competitive rates and placed premium on the wellness of its members over profit maximization. Some of the services offered by the cooperative included but not limited to offering savings, loans and advances and providing financial advisory services to members. Having garnered relevant experience, we embarked on the process of establishing and operating a Finance House. To this end, we obtained an approval in in August 2020. 


This has consequently expanded our scope when compared to the cooperative from whence we obtained ours while experience. At this stage, aside traditional loans and advances, we mobilize funds from the investing public in form of borrowing, we also provide financing for Local
Purchase orders, Contracts and Projects, Auto loans, equipment leasing, debt factoring amongst others. Our projections for expansion transcend beyond service delivery as a Finance House to
a holding company. The subsidiaries under consideration in the future include a Bureau De Change (BDC), Venture Capital Firm and a Business School. The timeline for this expansion spans between five (5) and ten (10) years.

Our Vision

To be a dependable financial partner 

Our Mission Statement

We  protect and guarantee our stakeholders’ interest with quality and friendly staff, appropriate technology and strict adherence to industry guidelines.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity — We uphold uncompromising moral values in the discharge of our duties and promote sound business ethics that sustain the confidence of all stakeholders.
  • Efficiency — We are dedicated towards delivering prompt services and continuously seek to exceed our clients’ expectation.
  • Team Work — We recognize the invaluable potential in synergizing our talents for enhanced productivity.
  • Innovation — We constantly seek for new ways and technologies to improve our processes and service delivery options.
  • Empathy — We offer a transition from the impersonal approach towards all clients needs that dominate the financial industry; to a customer-centric disposition where services are tailored according to customer’s peculiarities.
  • Professionalism — We are committed to conducting ourselves with utmost decorum in all of our interactions. This means maintaining strong work ethics and striving for excellence in everything we do.
  • Community Service — We believe in providing varied support towards improving our communities through the deployment of relevant community based programmes and projects.
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