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N500, 000 to N25, 000,000

The requirements vary with type of loan applied for. However, basic requirements of you a Valid ID, 6months statement of account/ pay slip etc are required.

Loans are disbursed within 24- 48 hours once all documentation is completed.

Salary earners of reputable organizations, business men/women.

Repayments can be made via IPPIS, Remitta, Postdated Cheques and transfers

Postponing of repayment is discouraged and this contravenes the terms and conditions of our agreement.

Yes you can, but this is upon review of your Debt Service Ratio

No, you can make your request when the need arises

Our rates are from 4% for consumer loans and 5.5% for business loans

Postdated cheques, guarantors, vehicles, landed properties etc.

Minimum – 3 months, Maximum – 12months

You get your funds back within 72 hours of request

Yes you can get your interest paid to you upfront

2 years, but we existed as a cooperative with over 8 years in business

Valid ID, BVN, Passport photograph and Birth certificate (For minors)

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